Organic garden

From farm to table

Enjoy an exciting and educative walk through the extensive vegetable gardens of La Senda Farm, a sister project of Cala Luna Hotel. You will learn about our fully organic cultivations, biodiversity, water conservation, nurturing of soil, development of organic fertilizers, and more.

You’ll experience where your food is cultivated while savoring the ingredients at best freshness, bursting with flavor and vitamins, all artfully and passionately prepared by our Cala Luna Chef, right in front of you and at the vegetable garden.

Schedule: Monday and Thursday

Includes Tour

3 Course Gourmet Dinner

Water and Lemonade

Organic Wine and Beer Available


Our Chef

My journey in culinary arts started at a very young age, 17 years old. I never expected it was going to take me this far and was going to enjoy it so much. My passion began as a “Commis” learning every day from other experienced chefs.

With hard work and commitment, I started to gain positions in the culinary world, until one day, I looked at myself standing as the Sous Chef of one of the best dining restaurants in Mexico City.

I had the chance to work in different countries in amazing restaurants and highly rated hotels. At some point, I wanted to get back to my original roots, tradition, and flavors.

That’s when I found a nice yoga retreat in a surf beach in Mexico and changed the whole perception of my work, life, and purpose in the culinary world; wanted to learn about where all the ingredients of my kitchen were coming from, who and how were produced, and the impact they had on our environment.

My career took a different direction. In Montezuma, Costa Rica, I learned about permaculture and sustainable cultivation. As Costa Rica offers so many possibilities in sustainable and responsible gastronomy, I decided to stay.

I avoid over processing the ingredients, as I like how each ingredient expresses itself, with its flavor, texture, color, aroma, and shape. In the end, I believe that creating a dish is like being the director of a play; I can follow the lines and decide what the artist must do, but finally, it’s always the personality of the actor that one giving life and drama to the play. This is exactly what happens with all-fresh ingredients from the garden, you can feel the drama of the spicy bitter in the Arugula, or the tender aroma of Basil, the exotic flavor of the Cashew fruit, and so on.

Come and join us in our culinary play!

The making of
our organic garden

After experimenting on our own with organic gardening, with a lot of failures, we were lucky to encounter with one of the leading eco-agronomists. Carlos was part of the first group of young graduates from an allorganic agriculture institute, and the responsible for finally getting our whole-vegetable garden started.

We began with the creation of the beds, taking always into account the slope of the land, to avoid erosion.

It was astonishing and extraordinary to learn about how to make our bio-fermented nutrients, based on whey, forest fungus, fruit and shrimp peels recycled from Cala Luna Hotel, and different ingredients we already had available. Also, we were able to do our natural, non-toxic pesticides from Chile, Neem, Madero Negro, and other elements from La Senda and Cala Luna Hotel.

Our vegetables are treated like our pets, starting every morning with a wonderful breakfast of nutrients, or receiving some natural plant remedies.

To not deplete our soils, we make our own compost from manure provided by our horses and organic material from the forest. Also, we combine and rotate our crops every 2 years.

Envisioning our
organic garden

You are what you eat, and therefore, eating responsibly and healthily provides better mental and physical well-being. Along with this, we strive to honor the traditions of Guanacaste, and mainly, to have a lower impact on the fragility of our planet.

Most of our fruits and vegetables are organically grown in our property’s gardens. What we can’t cultivate, we seek to always purchase it from trusted local providers. Thankfully to this, most of the ingredients required for our menu are grown locally here in Guanacaste.

We want our guests to experience and benefit directly from life’s energy, provided by the ingredients we cook with. We endeavor to give true recognition and respect for every ingredient you will ingest, whether it is an animal, a vegetable, a wild herb, or leaf.

Following our philosophy, our wine menu consists only of organic and biodynamic wines. This is highly recognized by our guests, and often it’s an opportunity for an exciting exchange of findings.

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