Live from your deeper nature
as an authentic human being in the world.

La Senda Retreats is a meeting place where likeminded people are offered the opportunity for personal and transpersonal growth. We trust that, through the development of spiritual wisdom and the capacity to live life with a deeper experience of reality and ourselves, we can co-create a more conscious and sustainable society.

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As humans we have an innate need to relate to nature and other forms of life for our physical, mental, and spiritual health (biophilia hypothesis). 

In the middle of the tropical jungle under the influence of the beneficial energy of the labyrinth, we built 9 luxury glamping units.

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We welcome you and all people of all ages who are in search of healing, personal growth, and transformation to stay at La Senda.

If you are organizing a retreat that generates elevated states of consciousness, sustainability awareness, personal growth, develops spiritual intelligence or has an artistic connection and you feel that the energy of La Senda would be the perfect vessel for that, please contact us.

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UTC-6, Costa Rica

Address La Senda, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Our own spiritual quest has been based on a combination of plant medicine ceremonies and deep spiritual work based on psychology, allowing us to be with the wonder of life as it occurs, not as we wish it to be.

"Our potentiality is infinite, in all ways and all directions.”

A.H. ALMAAS (Hameed Ali) - Co-Founder of the Diamond Approach

These units that we call Leaves or Hojas in Spanish are architectural pearls, 4 meters (13’) high and 10 meters (33”) long. They each have a private, partly open-air bathroom and a terrace with view of the forest. All Leaves are equipped with movable fans, we did not opt for AC so prana can flow freely. Staying at our Leaves opens the opportunity to connect fully with Nature.