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Organic Garden

Inside La Senda

La Senda is a truly magical place. We are a world-renowned wellness center, providing sanctuary for those wishing to truly get in touch with their innermost spirit.

We are also home of the world’s largest labyrinth. It’s surrounded by 74 acres of farmland located just 15 minutes from Tamarindo beach.

Embrace a
new being

We visualize La Senda as a meeting home where like-minded visitors are offered the opportunity of personal and transpersonal growth, through the development of spiritual wisdom and the capacity to live reflecting a deep metaphysical understanding of Reality.

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The world’s biggest labyrinth, in the middle of the dry tropical forest of Guanacaste, offers you a perfect gateway to another realm, and it is here for you to explore!

This labyrinth was the first certified by the United Nations, under the program Senderos De Paz Madre Tierra.

From earth to table

Enjoy an exciting and educative walk through the extensive vegetable gardens of La Senda’s farm, a sister project of Cala Luna Hotel. You will learn about our fully organic cultivations, biodiversity, water conservation, nurturing of soil, development of organic fertilizers, and more.

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Address La Senda, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica