Weekend Healing Process

Multi-day Event
Date: May 1, 2021
End Date: May 2, 2021
Price: $100 USD/Person

Booking Information

Prior reservation required.

Laura: +506.8828.8947
Alejandro: +506.8370.5119

This process is for 12 people maximum, so please let us know that you are coming.

Exchange: $100 USD


This process is there to wake our inner guidance and give clarity in our paths.

We will work with Sacred Cacao, Inipi and one on one sessions.

For this process prepare well with intentions of what you want to heal, at least 72 hours before do not drink alcohol, sugar, or use any plant or synthetic drug that alters the consciousness.

Starting Friday, eat light preferably fruits and no meat. Saturday at noon will be the last fruit meal until Sunday morning. Please hydrate well with water and coconut water. If you have any special situation regarding fruits, let us know.

The Cacao meeting will be through the night around the sacred fire with specific Cacao songs that will work with our intentions.

We will work on our limited beliefs, patters, emotions or any obstacle that does not lets us work from our inner guidance.

We will start at 2pm with a sacred fire and blessing from our ancestors to start setting the intentions one on one inside the sweatlodge.

Hours later we will go into an Inipi Lodge.

American First nations from the north central and south use this ceremony before hunting, intention is to clean the mind, the body and be in balance within.

After coming from sweatlodge we will go into a Cacao ceremony around the sacred fire.

The plant of Cacao represents the blood of our lineage. A ceremony to reconnect with ancestral memory and opening of the heart, guiding us into inner work with specific songs and invocations of the plant.

One o One Session

After setting camp we will have the opportunity to talk to Alejandro about your intentions. It is a powerful way to express the reason or the work we want to do in this weekend. It will be inside the Inipi in front of a sacred fire with tobacco.

Bio Alejandro

Alejandro was born in San José, Costa Rica, although all of his family is from Guanacaste. His native roots are the Bagatzí that comes from a mixture of clans from the north and central america.

Years after living in the capital city, Alejandro started to look for answers related to his life purpose.

Through native ceremonies, he has seen that this way of life is getting lost and is a powerul way to heal and love our mother earth.

Currently Alejandro lives with his wife and daughters in Puerto Viejo, Limon, and works with sweathlodges, sacred Cacao meetings and individual processes to wake the healer within.



01:00 PM: Arrival and set camp

02:00 PM: Fire and permission of the spirits. Personal Process (setting intentions).

06:00 PM: Inipi

09:00 PM: Sacred Cacao Meeting. Sleep over ceremony.


06:00 AM: Inipi

08:00 AM: Closing Ceremony

09:00 AM: Fruits and Sharing.


What to bring

– Tent and camping gear. (Optional)
– Fruits to share on the closing ceremony.
– Bottled water and coconut water.
– Comfortable things to sleep around fire. Like Matt, blankets, etc.
– Something comfortable for sweatlodge.

Location: La Senda Costa Rica, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Provincia de Guanacaste

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UTC-6, Costa Rica

Address La Senda, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica