Community Sweatlodge

Awake your inner guidance and give clarity to your path

Sunday 2nd, May 2021. 11:00 AM

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Booking Information

Laura: +506.8828.8947
Alejandro: +506.8370.5119

Exchange: $25 USD


American first nations from the north central and south use to gather in this sacred ceremony before hunting, Sundance, vision quests and as a way of life to connect with the Sacred Mistery.

The intention is to clean the mind, the body and be in balance within.

Some symbols in this ceremony ae the fire that represents the opening of the Sacred Mistery, 28 stones that are the bones of the earth and a structure representing our Mother earth womb.

Going into this womb we are born again.

There will be a round for children. So they are welcome.

If people have financial situation, please contact me personally.

Please bring fruits to share after sweatlodge.