La Senda Costa Rica

La Senda, Our Home, is the place where magic is born in Tamarindo Beach.

La Senda is a magical place, a wellness center that provides a secluded and quiet environment, a perfect place to get in touch with your inner spirit. Located in a 2 ½ acres farm in Santa Rosa de Santa Cruz Guanacaste, just 15 minutes away from Tamarindo Beach, we are the home of the World largests labyrinth

An expert in energy work, Sergio Salas, oversaw the creating of the labyrinth around two  energy centers found in the middle of the forest, close to an indigenous sanctuary. The labyrinth is almost 2 miles long and has more than four thousand cacti. Walking the labyrinth takes about one hour and the energy charged zone provides a unique and memorable relaxing and positive energy re-charging experience. The property also has an organic farm and offers other activities such as wellness retreats, Farm-to-Table dinners, horseback riding tours and cooking classes. Visitors can also enjoy delicious meals prepared with organic ingredients grown in the farm.

The Labyrinth

While in a maze you get lost and have to find your way out, a labyrinth has only one path which symbolizes our life’s journey and takes us inward guiding us to find out who we really are.

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Visits only by Reservation: +506 8702 1785 

$20 per person fee

Welness Retreats at La Senda

The world is moving lightning fast and keeping up doesn't generally include taking a moment to breathe and clear our minds and focus in what is important.

La Senda is the perfect place for people that are turning to well-being retreats for a chance to escape, unplug, reset and start anew.

La Senda Music Festival

La Senda Music Festival has a mission to enrich the spiritual connection to nature. It celebrates art, music, nature and the well being of the environment and the people. It invites you to connect with yourself, with the present with the environment and everything surrounding you in the moment. It unites and creates a community of people that share the same values.


Farm to table dinner

Have an exciting and educative walk through the extensive vegetable gardens of La Senda Farm, a sister project of Cala Luna Boutique Hotel. Learn about our 100% organic cultivating, biodiversity, water conservation, nurturing the soil instead of exhausting it, making organic fertilizers, pesticides and so much more. Have a direct experience of where your food is coming from while enjoying the ingredients at peak freshness and bursting with flavors and vitamins, all artfully and passionately prepared by our Cala Luna´s Chef.

3 course dinner 

Price: $55/person | Transportation Included from Tamarindo .


Phone:  +506 8702 1785