February 5 - 12, 2020

Web of Creation Women’s Retreat Led by Mama Adriana and Don Florentino.

Sacred Ancestral Weaving with Jairzagua

The weaving of a traditional mochila bag is a deeply mysterious process of allowing us to organize our life, connect ourselves to Mother Earth, the Cosmos and Creation itself. Through healing our womb we heal our female lineage.

During the weaving, the strands are collected from the grandmothers, our ancestors, taking the yarn from the cosmic source of the weaving goddess of creation. The weaving of a mochila connects women to the heart of creation and to the birth of all things, the womb of the Mother and the feminine power of love and creativity.

The magic of the traditional crochet weaving reveals itself once we understand that we are calling in a new design for our life and that the Mochila serves as a tool to call our intentions and our healing into our daily reality. Often weaving women start to weave in their dreams and visions, actively becoming a part of creation, calling in love, abundance and much more.Grandmother Teacher Plant Ceremonies

During these sacred plant medicine ceremonies, the Yage as it is called in the Colombian tradition, allows us to cleanse ourselves on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It allows us to clear our past, our emotions and traumas, and leaves in its place light, understanding, wisdom and clarity, allowing each person’s essence to shine. Our teacher Taita Juanito refers to these ceremonies as a ‘celestial party’ that shows us the art of living.

During these ceremonies the songs and music are forms of prayer that bring healing energies into the ceremonial space. The sound vibration connects the shaman and plant medicine to the people. In the ayahuasca tradition it is said that the shaman and musiqueros sing the sickness away.

In this particular tradition we have very highly qualified musicians that are also healers at the same time.

Our personal experiences over the years with our teacher Taita Juanito, Jairzagua and Don Florentino have not only transformed our lives and opened our hearts, but totally expanded our belief of what is possible in life. We believe in these Shamans and this medicine, we believe in this path, we believe in you and we believe that anything is possible. We want to make this sacred plant medicine available to all that desire healing, rebirth, clarity, change, or connection with all life.

Jairzagua and Don Florentino will be there as our guides throughout this retreat and ceremonies to assist us in this profound healing process with the wisdom of generations that they carry, an ocean of love and sweetness and intuitive knowing.

Our Guides:

Jairzagua Furativa Gagheta
Jairzagua Furativa Gagheta (which means ‘black jaguar woman of the magic and the mystery of the hidden ancestral medicine) is a medicine woman, daughter of Mother Earth, carrier of the ancestral lineage of the feminine divinity and follower of the Yage and traditional sacred plants. She is a weaver of dreams and a bridge between the worlds, weaving life day by day.

Jairzagua is of the Muisca tradition but part of many indigenous families. She has been working beside Taita Juanito for 13 years now. Her gift is to teach through weaving, how to weave the qualities into our lives we wish to cultivate and take out those we don't need anymore. The weaving is a deep meditation and a powerful process that activates the frequencies of healing and manifestation. She will also work with us on healing the wounds we carry as women and help us to step into our intuitive strength and be our beautiful authentic selves.

Don Florentino
Florentino Caicedo is a Grandfather and wisdom keeper of the Muisca community in Colombia. Don Florentino learned and shared with several Colombian elders receiving the word of the tobacco. He is a tobacco shaman and follower of the Yagè culture for a period of 30 years now. Don Florentino is known for his sweet and compassionate way, for his deep intuitive connection with the plant medicines (especially tobacco and Yagè) and his profound healings.

Diana Sommer

Diana is deeply devoted to the work of Taita Juanito, Jairzagua, Don Florentino and the sacred plant medicines. After travelling to Colombia she became Jairzagua's helper, translator and student and fell in love with the magic of the sacred weaving.

Diana is a weaver of dreams and is studying the mysteries of dreams, especially lucid dreams.

Working through her own healing as a woman and deepening the connection to mother earth she naturally blended into this manifestation, bringing in her motherly spirit of compassion and calmness. Diana is a mother of a son of 11 years.

Michelle Matthews and Bruce Lozito

Michelle Matthews is a devoted student to Taita Juanito and the path of the Yage and sacred plant medicines. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Sound Healer, she is a Modern Day Medicine Woman and Life Purpose Doula for women who want to align with their intuition, trust their path and unleash their inner magic. She uses a combination of Reiki and a variety of other energy healing modalities, Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP), and the Transformational Coaching Method to help her clients shift their energy, heal their wounds and live amazing lives! She is a woman leading other women to birth their purpose into the world and live a life of soul expansion, alignment and empowerment.

Bruce Lozito

Bruce Lozito is a devoted student to Taita Juanito, the path of the Yage and Mother Earth. With a background and many years of experience as a Spiritual Land Planner and Land Use Attorney, a very special relationship to the Earth has always come naturally to him. He has a natural gift of wise counsel with a lot of heart and deep kindness. He is also trained as a Sound Healer and leads sound healings with his wife Michelle.

This 8 Day & 7 Night Retreat includes

  • 2 Sacred Master Plant Medicine Ceremonies with Individual Healings.
  • Private Consultations with Mama Adriana and Don Florentino.
  • Workshops on the Traditional Art of Weaving a Mochila Bag.
  • Healing and Cleansing Our Thread Of Life.
  • Healing and Cleansing Our Relationships with Mother and Father.
  • Shamanic Teachings on Moon/Menstruation Cycle and Menopause.
  • Sound Healing Journey.
  • Lucid Dreams and Astral Projection Lecture.
  • Yoga & Meditation.

Additional Opportunity For:

  • Tobacco Readings with Don Florentino.
  • Massages, Energy Healings & Private Sounds Healing Sessions with Michelle.
  • Dream Counseling Sessions with Diana.

Pricing & Accommodations:

La Senda offers 9 brand new luxury glamping units in the middle of the tropical jungle close to the beneficial energy of the labyrinth

  • Quadruple Shared Suite $1,740
  • Triple Shared Suite $1,845
  • Double Shared Suite $2,020
  • Single Private Suite $2,545 (limited availability)

Off Campus Rate $1,495 (for locals not needing accommodation)

Each Suite Includes a Full Private Bathroom & Private Terrace with View of the Forest

**Price Includes All Retreat Activities + 3 Organic Meals Daily +Access to the Labyrinth

***airfare and transfers not included***

  • Deposit of $500 to Secure Your Space
  • Second Deposit for Half of the Balance December 11, 2019
  • Final Payment Made Day Retreat Starts in Cash**
  • To reserve your space with PayPal, please send the deposit  to:dianaredbluegreen@gmail.com

For questions please email:  mish.matthews@gmail.com or dianaredbluegreen@gmail.com

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