Immerse yourself completely in Nature and treat yourself to the privilege of a private experience

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Horseback riding

In the quietness of the 74-acre forest.  

 Our horses are very well trained, and love to take you on an easy walk through the dry tropical forest.

Meanwhile, you have the time and pleasure to become one with the forest.

Our Sabanero (cowboy) is a rodeo specialist. He is thrilled to teach you how to ride the “Carrera de Cintas”, a local Costa Rican tradition. 

 Why not combine the horseback riding with a canopy tour?

From age 5 to 85, guests love the thrill of gliding safely above the tree canopies. The optional Tarzan swing is for the more daring.



Labyrinth Walk

 Walking our labyrinth, which takes about 1 hour, is a unique experience.

While labyrinths are increasingly found for therapeutic use in hospitals , moving through a Labyrinth  changes ordinary ways of perception connecting the inner and the outer, the right brain and the left brain.

The world’s biggest labyrinth  offers a gateway to another realm, it is here for you to explore!





Family or Friends


La Senda is a unique experience for your private, get-together brunch or dinner  

Starting 8 invitees, we offer the morning activity of walking the labyrinth followed by a delicious brunch.

Walking the labyrinth in the morning, when the sun starts peaking from behind the mountain and the howler monkeys greet the day, is an extraordinary experience.

The quietness of the space combined with the morning sounds of the forest evoke a magic atmosphere. While sharing your labyrinth experience, the brunch prepared with organic ingredients from the farm, guarantees a very special morning.